Thursday, October 19, 2006


I am completely shocked right appears that someone w/in the digi community dupped everyone into thinking her son was very sick w/ Cancer. Fundraisers were put together to raise money for her family....people said prayers...people sent her well wishes and beyond..... Now to find out that it was all false is so disturbing.

Not only did she rip us off financially, she has jaded a whole community. What about all of us who do charity kits to honestly raise funds?! Will people look at us as frauds as well? Will people stop supporting these projects?

Shame on you....thats all I can say. I truely hope this ends up being some big mistake and that I can pop back over and delete this post, because I'm just so appauled right now.

What steps can we take to make sure something like this doesnt happen again?



Ila said...

Unbelievable on the fraud. I'm just as sick as you are because I take folks word at face value and don't expect to be duped. How sad.

KirstyB said...

Hugs, Lauren! I hope you know that none of us question you at all!!! I am totally shocked by the situation!! But it won't make me back down from buying charity kits!!

Anonymous said...

I felt very bad for you when I read this post. This happens in every community. The Sims 2 gaming community is hit with these kinds of lies all the time. People are smart. The good people will always flush out the bad people. Don't let it jade you. There are those that need help and honestly appreciate it from the bottom of their hearts.

Your kits are stunning too by the way.

Keep your chin up.

Ruby said...

Although this is the first I am hearing this I know that stuff like this happens a lot. I believe most people are good and want to help others. There are those with darkness in them who use our charity for their gain. I believe that those who give with a pure heart...even if it is a con will be all the better for it. And the con-artists will get theirs too.

Thanks for your freebie kit.