Thursday, September 14, 2006

First Day of School!

The boys were very excited for their first day back to Preschool this week! And of course the Princess had to get into the action too! hee hee xo


Alisha Hess said...

How C-U-T-E!!'ve been tagged, Lauren! See my blog for details! alishahess.blogspot

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...'ve been tagged by me too! LOL

Laura (LaraCraft) said...

Well well you have been tagged 3 times now!!! Take your time really....See my blog for more details. I hope they are diff subjects lol.


Victoria said...

OH MY! um, yeah, I uh, sorta am tagging you too... you are a popular lady! It's cuz you are just so darn lovable!