Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Freebie & Nostalgic Moment

For those of you who missed out on the freebie yesterday (i can't believe you all killed TWO stinkin' links! That's a WHOLE lota downloads!) So here's the deal, I will send you the link to that freebie IF you already purchased one of the BH Charity kits or if you go and pick one up now, then email me your receipt....come on it's for a GREAT cause!) If you wanna be a stinker and not buy it, then you can still peek back in here later this week for another freebie....

BUT REMEMBER...anyone who buys one of the kits is entered to win TONS of prizes at the BH crop/chat on August 19th!!! (again you dont need to be present to win) :)

As of last night we've raised over $336!!! woohoo!

Oh, and onto the nostalgic moment....my boys have been playing PAC MAN this afternoon!!!! We bought one of those joysticks you plug into the tv and it plays certain games. SOO neat to see them play an 80s classic!!! :) ox


cindiaskew said...

wow, i just spent 2 hours learning how to insert your chicks vide to "my space". thanks you for having it on your site.

Lauren said...

;) very welcome! xo